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World Mind Map Championship 29 May 2021 

A Virtual Global Event Arbited by our World Mind Map Champions









Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is the worlds most effective note-making and note-taking tool, representing on paper the astounding thought processes within your brain. 

It is often referred to as "The Swiss Army Knife for the Brain" as it dovetails perfectly into the brains ability to create quick, accurate and long-lasting memories. 

The Mind Map World Championship was the dream of the originator Tony Buzan and is the culmination of some 40 odd years of research into the brain and its potential.

His Master Trainers, Elaine Colliar and Phil Chambers developed the "Paris Marking Scheme" in collaboration with Tony Buzan himself to create a competent, consistent and replicable way of grading Mind Maps throughout the world.

This Championship continues their common commitment to "Global Mental Literacy"

Why Online?

This year we have decided to move the World Mind Map Championship online to make it truly available to everyone who wishes to compete globally - and not just those who can afford to travel to far-flung destinations. 

We have had a disappointing few years with "live competitions" where we felt that the quality and integrity of the Championships were less than ideal.

Upon consultation with our Competitors we understand more than ever that the transparent operation of a competition, the quality of the arbiters and the robust marking scheme would be better managed by our global arbiting team and not a  third-party team in another country.

The Championship will now be run in multiple languages and multiple time zones on an annual basis!

Our competitors talked - we are delivering this for you! .

What does the Competition Consist of?

There are three disciplines in the World Mind Map Championship as detailed below.

These disciplines are marked by a trained cohort of International Level One Arbiters under supervision of Senior GOMSA Arbiters globally

Full marking scheme and rules for the Championship are provided to all competitors and arbiters in advance in our publication "The Competitor's and Arbiter's Mind Map Handbook (How to be a World Champion)".

Live Presentation

The Spoken Presentation is the first discipline of the day.

Each time zone and principle language will have an allocated Virtual Competition Room and a dedicated native language presenter who will present a totally unique spoken presentation of 25 minutes duration that the competitors will Mind Map in live time.

The competitors then have 20 minutes at the end of the presentation to tidy up the Mind Map and submit to the Arbiter Portal for marking.


Written Word

The second disciple of the day is the Written Word discipline. 

The competitors will be presented with a magazine publication translated into their preferred native language. 

The competitors have 2.5 hours to complete the Mind Mapping of this complete publication for this discipline and submit their original Mind Map to the Arbiter Portal for marking.



The last discipline of the day is the Freestyle Mind Map discipline.

The competitor will have 3.5 hours to create a Mind map on a theme that will be randomly selected by the Chief Arbiters on the day of the Championship.

This enusres that a previously created Mind map is not submitted by the competitor for marking but instead one that is created during the Championship timeframe instead. 


Learn More About the 2021 World Mind Map Championship

Chief Arbiter, Elaine Colliar welcomes you to the first World Mind Map Championship that will be truly global - welcoming any competitor that has access to the internet to compete to be our 2021 World Champion and join our team!

Meet your Global Arbiters ...

Chief Arbiter of World Mind Mapping Championships

Elaine Colliar

5 Times World Mind Map Champion

President of GOMSA - Guild of Mind Sports Arbiters

Phil Chambers

2 Times World Mind Map Champion

Organiser of the French Speed Reading & Mind Mapping Competition

Jerome Hoarau

World Mind Map Champion

Organiser of the French Speed Reading & Mind Mapping Competition

Nicolas Lisiak

Bronze Medalist World Speed Reading Championship

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